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Suman Asmath (CEO)

My journey in the world of engineering commenced in the vibrant landscape of the IT industry back in 2004, within the United Kingdom. Over the years, I've had the privilege to collaborate with prestigious Fortune 100 companies, immersing myself in the dynamic realm of technology and business. This formidable tenure in IT has not only enriched my professional acumen but has also laid a robust foundation for my foray into the exhilarating world of the hospitality industry.

My expertise in Operations and Business Development serves as the cornerstones upon which I now embark on my entrepreneurial endeavour within the hospitality sector. The knowledge and skills I've garnered during my years in the IT domain are invaluable assets that seamlessly transition into the hospitality arena.

During my formative years in India, I had the privilege of honing numerous core skills that have proven to be instrumental in my professional journey. This educational phase exposed me to the intricacies of Optimisation, Business Administration, and Operations. These skills, cultivated on the vibrant soil of India, have not only enriched my repertoire but have also become the driving force behind my passion for ensuring the seamless flow of operations.

As an IT professional with an innate flair for Operations, I derive immense satisfaction from the art of ensuring that everything runs like a well-oiled machine. My proficiency in crafting and implementing operation strategies has been pivotal in maintaining a harmonious and efficient ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of customers, clients, vendors, and business partners.

In essence, my journey from IT to the hospitality industry is a testament to the versatility and adaptability that define my professional trajectory. I am driven by a relentless commitment to excellence and a penchant for innovation. The lessons I've imbibed from the world of technology, coupled with my passion for operational finesse, are the driving forces propelling me forward in this exciting new chapter. My goal is to create an unforgettable experience for patrons and stakeholders alike, blending the best of my IT expertise with my passion for seamless operations within the hospitality domain.


Kushal P Gourav (Managing Director)

My journey in the corporate world led me to pursue an MBA and specialise in Human Resources. I then ventured into the bustling city of Dubai, where I assumed the role of a Senior Marketing Executive for one of the most prominent real estate developers in the region. My time in this high-octane environment allowed me to gain invaluable experience and expertise in marketing and operations.

It was during this time that I crossed paths with Suman, a like-minded individual with a shared passion for the hospitality industry. Together, we forged a partnership that would allow us to translate our shared interest into tangible action. This collaboration marked the beginning of my transition into the hospitality sector, a move that I embraced with enthusiasm and vigor.

As I entered this new industry, my ability to seamlessly delegate responsibilities within our company quickly became a hallmark of my approach. I take immense pride in my knack for efficiently distributing tasks and responsibilities, ensuring that our operations run like a well-synchronised machine. This has been instrumental in optimising our productivity and allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional service to our customers.

One of my most defining characteristics is my unwavering affinity for new challenges in operations. I have a natural inclination to dive headfirst into the intricate workings of our outlets, overseeing their day-to-day operations with precision and dedication. This hands-on approach has enabled me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in running a successful hospitality business.

My professional persona is underscored by a powerful curiosity and an inherent openness to novel ideas and innovations. I thrive on exploring uncharted territories and seeking out fresh solutions to complex problems. This innate trait positions me as a natural innovator, consistently driving our business forward by infusing it with creativity and cutting-edge practices.

Furthermore, my charisma and adept communication skills are valuable assets that will play a pivotal role as we execute our business development strategy for the upcoming year. I understand the importance of forging strong relationships with partners, clients, and stakeholders. My ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and effectively convey our vision and goals will be instrumental in steering our company toward success.

In sum, my professional journey from the corporate world to the hospitality industry has been marked by a seamless blend of skills, adaptability, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. I look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead as we continue to innovate and elevate our presence in the dynamic and ever-evolving hospitality sector.

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